RYDA 2015
Photos: Alan Kluske

RYDA 2014


Feeding the multitudes at RYDA 2014

Pail Jenkins looks at the affects associated with being an accident victim

Peter Francis and Bob McFarland talk about road safety choices with Constable Steve FerrisLacey

Rotarians prepare for the day
Rotarians prepare for the day

Bob McFarland briefs individuals
Running sheets are collected

Students are divided into groups of 15-20 for instruction
A briefing starts the day

When you buy a car, what do you look for?

Students outline features they desire in a vehicle

What safety features are desirable?
I want a skirt on my car!

Looks great! 

Didn't brake in time? Is that a body beneath the car?

What are our responsibilities?

Peter Francis sums up the day

 PROGRAM: It was ROTARY YOUTH DRIVER AWARENESS DAY on the 11th of April, 2011 and the 7th of September 2012. The Rotary Clubs of Encounter Bay, Victor Harbor, Goolwa and Yankalilla all supported road safety and driver education in local schools. In 2011 the training event involved 140 students from VIctor Harbor High School and 40 students from Investigator College.  Students met at the Yacht Club, VH Croquet Club, VH Bowling Club and the Anchorage Hotel with Bridge Terrace being closed to the public for practical driver training. In 2012 120 students from Investigator College and Yankalilla Area School were involved with the training venues being the TAFE College and the Historic car Club.

The weather wasn't particularly kind, but the day was well received. The driving instructor demonstrated how quick he could stop a car at 30, 40, and 50 Kms an hour. Each time he stopped before the cone that marked a pedestrian. The leader of the session then asked for a volunteer to stand on the pedestrian mark. Young Brodie, pictured holding a box, volunteered. Meanwhile four girls sat in the car with the driver who turned around and drove back to the starting point. The leader then said that the driver was going to drive at 60kms and brake in the same time as he had at the previous speeds. He then turned to Brodie and suggested that it might be a good idea to leave the box there and step back. Brodie said he didn't mind standing there, so the leader had to be more forceful. Leave the box and stand back with every one else. The point was well and truly made when the car at 60ks ploughed straight into the box. The photograph below shows Brodies' reaction and that of the passengers in the car.


Through an education program for our young drivers RYDA hopes it can reduce the road carnage!