ANNUAL REPORT CLUB SERVICE 2012/2013                    

It is with great pleasure that I am once again presenting the annual report as director of Club Service. There is a lot to be said for filling the same position consecutively over two years. The first year is a practise run and the second year you can put into practice what you practiced in the first year.

Once again I have had the privilege of working with a great team of active Rotarians and I have learned a lot about both Rotary and the avenues of service through some very hard working members.

The first area that springs to mind when looking at Club Service is the portfolio of fund raising.

I would like to acknowledge the very hard working Graham Brown for the energy, dedication and long hours that he has put into running the boat raffle. This has run smoothly and through both Graham and Carole Brown’s dedication to this they made sure that the boat raffle was always out on the street, even if no other members were able to fill the roster. This year we added several new venues for the sale of tickets, including the Farmer’s  Market, the Compass Cup, Woolworths, The “Auto swap meet” and Goolwa. The final amount raised through the raffle was over $12,000. Other fundraising activities included the very successful Garage Sale coordinated by Des Schirmer, which added $3500 to the coffers, Wine Sales to members organised by Graham Brown added $1000, The 200 club organised by Brian and Mike also added another $650 to the kitty as did the “Guess Who’s coming to Dinner” organised by Peter Manuel.

The club also became the proud owner of 200 chairs suitable for hiring our to the community, thus giving us another avenue for fundraising. These will be ably looked after by “The chairman”, Brian Heyes.

Fellowship this year has been enjoyed on a variety of occasions. Ian Warner organised the annual caravan excursion to Clare, a great venue which offered great food, great wine and great fellowship. Bloke’s cooking took on a Christmas theme, with members making Christmas Cakes, Whiskey puddings and fruit mince pies. Some members also used this opportunity to make puddings to sell on the stall, to raise money for the New Life Africa School. Whilst puddings cooked we made pizzas and enjoyed the opportunity to inspect the facilities at the new Industrial kitchen at the High School.

The club also combined with Victor Harbor Rotary Club to enjoy a Barbecue and bush dance at Tim Shierlaw’s home.  The club also acknowledged and celebrated our Paul Harris Fellows on the dinner meeting nearest Paul Harris’s birth date. Mike Kelly as program manager organised excellent guest speakers and ensured that members enjoyed varied dinner meeting programs.

The membership team, ably led by Deidre Hughes inducted four new members into the club this year. We welcome Velma and Brian Jones and Jaqui and Phil Walsh, and look forward to their contributions to our club. Sadly we accepted Michael Harris’s resignation and with this our membership number has climbed to 45. It is at this stage that we also acknowledge the sad passing of one of our Foundation members. Ian Catt was an active member until poor health led to his resignation two years ago.

Peter Manuel has continued to be our webmaster and produces a website complete with weekly updates and bulletins. The quality of this web site reflect’s Peter’s interest in maintaining a high level of service to the club and this has led to his position on the district committee. Bob Sedunary has also added to our social media in an endeavour to raise the club profile, by opening an Encounter Bay Rotary Club Facebook page, one that we are encouraged to ‘like’ and ‘share’.

Risk Assessment  is not always a popular position but Wilf Emmett has committed himself to both attending workshops and updating the risk assessment forms. It was during this that he unearthed the fact that the club did not have a First Aid kit. We now have a large tool kit size first aid kit for major functions and also a soft pack personal kit for smaller gatherings. These are both kept in the club box at Urimbirra where they can be easily accessed after meetings.

At this stage, mention must be made of Bob Hall’s position as club sergeant. Not only does Bob run a well structured meeting but he also has managed to deplete the wallets of many members through his fines session.  Similarly Barry Pryor has acted as club Welfare Officer in a manner which has seen members acknowledged if they are ill or have lost a family member.

Attendance has once again been competently managed by Bruce Brocklebank and Ian Riches, with our badges always turning up at our meeting no matter where it may be. Our President Ken has kept the club in the public eye as our publicity  officer and made sure that we get good coverage in the local media.

I have enjoyed this year as the Director of Club Service as I have had the privilege to work with a great group of Rotarians.

Thank you,

Gill Houlihan