100% Paul Harris Fellow Club

Rotary clubs in which all dues-paying members are Paul Harris Fellows can be certified as a 100 Percent Paul Harris Fellow Club and are eligible to receive a one-time special recognition banner from The Rotary Foundation.

To obtain this recognition

  1. A club representative must contact the district governor after determining that all current, dues-paying club members are Paul Harris Fellows.
  2. The district governor must confirm that all members are Paul Harris Fellows and notify: The Rotary Foundation OA400; One Rotary Center; 1560 Sherman Ave.; Evanston, IL 60201-3698 USA. Confirmation and banner requests can be made by email to: apf@rotary.org. Honorary Rotarians and former club members do not need to be Paul Harris Fellows for clubs to receive this recognition.

See a list of current 100% Paul Harris Fellow Clubs  (PDF).

Our club achieved this recognition on June 30 2011 by contributing to The Rotary Foundation an amount in the names of three members who had not previously been recognised as Paul Harris Fellows.

In 2012 we continued to keep all members Paul Harris Fellows by presenting five PHF's at our Changeover Night.

We have continued to achieve having all members Paul Harris Fellows by ensuring a contribution as soon as possible after admission to our club.

In addition all members in the 2011-2012 Rotary year achieved Every Rotarian Every Year status by having US$100 contributed to The Rotary Foundation.

We have succeeded to be EREY 100% for every year 2011 to 2020.