Community Service Projects




Community Service

 (Chairman Mike Blair)




The club will again conduct the collection of entry money at the Castle Hill Show.  As in recent years it is expected that the support of other Rotary Clubs and Rotaract will be necessary for this to be accomplished.  Expected income has been included in the Service Projects estimate of income and expenditure.


Tour de Hills 

The successful Tour de Hills is already in the planning stage for 2011. The committee has a steady membership which ensures that the level of planning is at a consistently high level.


Heritage Park

Financial support for the ongoing development of the park, particularly the interpretative centre, is dependent on the Club’s ability to raise funds and in receipt of the necessary approvals for the work to proceed. In the meantime, a hands-on project in the park that involves as many members as possible would be welcomed.



Although no longer an “active” member of our club,  Neil Todd has agreed to manage this very important project.



Barbecues are one of the significant hands-on projects that also provide funding for our other projects, particularly some of the Youth projects.


This year we have established a chairman to manage our BBQ activities and this includes a number of events already planned for July, August, September . We will continue to look for other opportunities to use the BBQ to raise funds.


Parking and other Miscellaneous Projects

From time to time the club is asked to manage parking for BHSC at events such as the Australia Day celebrations at the Hills Centre. 

Other similar projects will be sought to both improve the fund raising activities of the club and to involve the members with the public.