Vocational Projects

Vocational Service

(Chairman PP Ian Johns)

In order to provide her with an increased level of Rotary awareness, Rtn Kayeleigh Green has been appointed to “shadow” experienced Rotarians for a number of Vocational Service Projects. This should prepare her for a leadership role in one or more of these Vocational Service project in the next Rotary year.

Pride in Workmanship

This important event in our Vocational Service calendar will continue under the guidance of PP David Sommerlad with the assistance of PE Rod Williamson.

A suitable allowance has been made in the budget for the conduct of this project.

PE Rod with the assistance of PP David has been asked to document the process of identifying and selecting awardees as well as the format for the PIW Meeting.

Apprentice of the Year

A highlight of our Vocational Calendar, the Walter Stone Memorial Trophy and Apprentice of the Year project will be managed by PP David Sommerlad with support from Kayeleigh Green.

A suitable budget had been allocated for the conduct of this event.

PP David has also agreed to document the process for the identification and selection of suitable candidates as well as the program for the awards evening.


Excellence in Teaching Award

The recognition of the teaching profession in our area has become one of our best “publically nominated” awards. The call for nomination in the local media has always identified excellent teachers who deserve the recognition of their students, their parents and their peers. David Bull will be supported by Kayeleigh Green and the process for implementing this project will also be documented.

A suitable allowance has been made in the budget for the conduct of this project.