Ways to Volunteer to the Community

Volunteering to help the community when the need exists is a great Australian tradition.  Rotary supports the community in a multitude of ways and Rotary enables volunteers to be more involved, more proactive and even drive benefits to the community.

Typically, volunteering is based on an organisation requesting help to conduct a project and we want to invite you to join our list of community minded men/women/children/families so that when the need arises we can coordinate more effectively. 

What is needed from 'Volunteers'?

Physical help – Bar BQs to support Eastern Suburbs Cricket Club; planting trees; Clean Up Australia; Youth Mentoring
Expertise contribution – Doctors/medical students, Dentist; Engineers/construction specialists; Speakers
Helping to identify needs in the community – email us with your suggestion so that it may be considered with all of the other needs that we keep finding, locally, nationally and internationally.
Resources – Fund a Project that is close to your heart; (make a dream come true) offer your yacht/boat for a day out for the less fortunate/ill children; sponsor less fortunate children to attend the Rotary Club of Bondi Junction’s annual Circus Quirkus event; or contact our Club President with an offer of your choice that will make a positive contribution

Volunteer on a given community project
Volunteer and/or suppervise a Community Project – becoming a Friend of Rotary or Honorary Member
Volunteering to Serve the community is a path that often leads to a person being invited to join the Rotary Club of Bondi Junction

If an organisation wishes to conduct a community project and finds itself in the need of hands-on-deck volunteers, we would consider supporting such request.  We would require that the highest ethical standard are upheld whenever we support such an arrangement.

If you have resouces (goods, funds) that can go to help the community in ways that are close to your heart, then please contact President Russell Paine to discuss your objectives and community needs.  president@rotarybondijunction.org