What is A Rotary Club?

A grass-roots organisation consisting of business professionals and community leaders that volunteer time, talent & resources in order to remedy vital community needs.  Over 1.2 million members worldwide...

General Description

Individual Rotary clubs belong to Rotary International. Individual members, or Rotarians, belong to a club. The club is where most of Rotarians' meaningful service work is carried out. Clubs can be engaged not only in their communities, but also internationally. Rotary International is also present in most social networking sites. What Rotarians get out of Rotary depends largely on what they put into it.   By Rotary International...

Our Club's Service

We identify community needs locally, nationally and overseas, then leverage our resources to enable solutions.  Naturally, this is why the Club relies heavily on its members and community support to ahcieve its goals.  New members bring new energy, resouces, and generally help the Club to achieve much more.  Whether a member is participating in a Club project, creates a project that the Club/Board agrees to support or the Club (as a whole) supports The Rotary Foundation, there are many ways that we can Serve the Community.

You can make a difference...

Club Community Engagement

There are many ways to look at the community servie projects that are conducted by a Rotary Club, and for our purposes here we have chosen to ensure that we are Serving the needs of groups of people of all ages; albeit, in a multitude of ways.

Newborn Babies/infants (0 – 3 y/o):
Medical Equipment for Royal Hospital For Women (Randwick)
- New High Frequency    Rotary International Article, and here, here2, here3, here4, Ventilator to the Newborn Intensive Care Unite.

Children (4 – 12 y/o):
Eradication of polio globally, (Polio Plus)
Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children (ROMAC)
Eastern Suburbs Cricket Club (includes ages beyond this range)
Circus Qurkus - Providing fantastic entertainment for children of special needs, single parent families and others such as carers.

Teenagers (12 – 18 y/o):
High School Scholarships
International Youth Exchange (INTERACT)
National Youth Science Forum (NYSF)

Youth (18 – 30 y/o):
Sponsorship to Youth Development Programs e.g. Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA),
Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA)
Rotary Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA)
Overseas Group Study Exchange (GSE)

Adults (25 y/o +):
We believe that Rotarians should have a positive experience.  More here...
Personal Development

Aged Care: Little Sisters of the Poor (Randwick)
Rotary Club Chartered, Probus Clubs
Community Centre Dance & Tea

Helps All Age Groups

RI Article: first Container of medical equipment to Chile via Rotary Club of Valparaiso
Awards Nights
Australia Day Breakfast
Bowel Scan Program
Rotarians Against Malaria
Overseas Volunteer Program
Australian Rotary Health Research Fund

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