Training Programs & Resources

Each Rotary year, the District Management Training team provides a number of training programs aimed to inform, educate and prepare Rotarians for roles at Club & District level. But training does not have to stop there.
The Rotary Leadership Institute provides a three day workshop for Rotarians who wish to be more involved on a leadership level.  This assists future club presidents, District committees, AGs and potential DGs.  As numbers are limited pre-registration is required.   For details of upcoming sessions <Click Here>

 Club Visioning assists your club to develop a long term plan to assist and guide its future and ensure continuity and consistency through consensus from its membership.  Further details can be obtained from the DG or your AG.

 Rotary Zone 8 Leaders A forum for PDGs to be briefed on current and future proposals from Rotary International. DGs, DGEs and DGNs attend but they do not have voting rights and DGs cannot serve on Institute committees.   For details of the forum <Click Here>

 Australian Rotary Conference is a biennial conference open to all Rotarians.  The conference focuses on current issues for Rotary and Rotarians.  It had a high workshop impact to encourage maximum participation.   Details of future conferences will be announced shortly.

 District Team Training directed at current and incoming District Committee Chairs, members & AGs to help prepare for the next Rotary year.  Details of the next District Leaders Training session is will be announced shortly.

 President Elect Training Seminar (PETS) is to be attended by AGs & President Elects. President Nominees are also encouraged to attend.  This seminar aims to prepare incoming Presidents for their year.  

 District Assembly is a forum for Club leaders and members on future directions and goals for the next Rotary year.  It offers sessions on a range of programs and initiatives supported by the District. This aims to inform and inspire Club leadership teams. 

 Web Training is available for Rotarians wanting to develop and maintain a club website. The District Internet committee will conduct a number of  half-day workshops throughout the year. The web site and training session are available at no cost.   <Contact Us> to find out how to get setup.

 Facebook Pages - The District Internet committee will also assist Clubs and District committees to establish and operate a social networking page on Facebook.   <Contact Us> to find out how to get setup.

 Rotary International website - members are also encouraged to make use of the large range of training material and resources available on the Rotary International website <Click Here>  This includes leadership material, guides for club officers, seminars, e-learning centres, etc.

For more information on any of the above matters:

 - contact the training team

 - view the training program
 - see the training publications