Gift to St Vincent Hospital - Finometer

   Published: Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Rotary Club Donates Vital Equipment to St. Vincent’s Hospital

The Rotary Club of Bondi Junction donates Finometer to St Vincent’s Hospital.  Having a long history of vital community service in Sydney and beyond, this Rotary Club was established 71 years ago and is dedicated to saving lives and improve livelihoods through its community support, such as with it longstanding support of St Vincent’s Hospital.

The Finometer's medical advantage is that it is accurate, versatile and non-invasive in its ability to monitor a patient during the medical emergency – heart attack, cardiac arrest, stroke and critical surgical procedures – helping the medical professionals to deliver improved results.

Five members of the Rotary Club of Bondi Junction were in attendance for the presentation of the Finometer to St Vincent’s Hospital’s doctors and staff (Dr. Andre Tay and Dr. Peng, Peter Leunig and Peter Reid).

Having identified the need for this vital medical instrument and despite a world wide economic recession that has resulted in a down turn in fund-raising, the Rotary Club of Bondi Junction managed to raise more than $45, 500.00, to fund the purchase of the Finometer by St Vincent’s Hospital.  The Rotary Club of Bondi Junction has now raised almost $106,000.00 in the last 3 years alone for medical equipment at St Vincent’s Hospital.

Article by Tony Webster and Russell Paine (May 2010)