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Part of Rotary Info initiative; joining  Clubs  online. We look forward to sharing with you.  You may wish to learn more about us and how becoming a member is a great way to contribute to your immediate and wider Community.

The Rotary Club

Rotary Bondi Junction is a long-standing Rotary Club that has been supporting the community since its Charter in 1939.

Contact us on secretary@rotarybondijunction.org

Indeed; normal people can do extraordinary things - save a life, prevent/heal the sick, educate the young, protect the elderly, strive for peace...and empower women!

Rotary is a Professional Network for Leadership / Community Service Support

We are just one of 32,000 Rotary Clubs around the world.  This means that we can collaborate with fellows to make things happen overseas, or concentrate on urgent community needs down the street from the Club.  If a person wants to help their community, they will be able to do far more as part of a Rotary International Club than they could all by themselves.  Bill Gates and his wife Belinda are testament to this, by their gift of $355 million dollar to Rotary for a single project – Eradication of POLIO.   More...

How to Join the Membership

There is no big secret as to how to become a member of our Club: its by invitation.  Some helpful steps include, contacting us, visiting our Club and meeting members a few times,; determine if there is a good fit for you personally.  Our typical member may be a Business Professional who wants to give back to the community and do so in the company of other Rotarians/volunteers with shared values. Alternatively, many members come to Rotary due to their extensive interactions with the people in need in their immediate circle / local community.

Once a potential member has visited the Club a few times, he/she may be asked to join the Club as a Member.   Making “Helping Your Community” much, much more easy!!! More...


Email - secretary@rotarybondijunction.org

Look who else sees the value of partnering with Rotary:

Charity Projects & Programs rely on cooperation, collaboration and support from local business. 

Kennards Self Storage - www.kss.com.au

Thank you for your support for our Clubs storage needs for charity donations, making smaller projects and program possible to all people in need. [Refer 'Community Partners - Local]



ยป Club Details

Rotary Club of Bondi Junction meets every Tuesday for Dinner at the Easts League Club - L1.
Arrive 6:00 PM  Start 6:30 PM
End 8:00 PM

93-97 Spring St
Meets 2nd Tuesday of Month Board & Project(s) on other Tuesdays

Contact: Secretary
Phone: 0404191940

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May 2024


Chartered in 1939, the Rotary Club of Bondi Junction Inc. is an integral part of the community, locally, nationally and internationally.  The following is a list of projects which includes recurring/ongoing and recent.  We are an active club and deliver our service across a wide range of community needs.  Contact us if you would like to visit or learn how you can get involved directly with your community.


The Eastern Suburbs Cricket Club Juniors Program (local)

Through Phil O’Sullivan’s love of cricket and the community, the Rotary club of Bondi Junction has had a long-standing relationship with Easts Cricket; well over 50 years.  We are proud to be able to sponsor the over 700 members of the Easts’ Junior Cricket Program each year.

The Royal Hospital for Women (local)

Our support for the RHW save lives every week in the newborn intensive care unit ever since we donated a high frequency ventilator that helps massage oxygen into the baby’s lungs - oxygen being the number one element for survival.  And in the public fertility clinic we donated a centrifuge to help them do their valuable work, helping “good parents to conceive.”

Little Sisters of the Poor (local)

The Little Sisters provide the most wonderful care, and we value their service immensely.  We have purchase special chairs, renovated common rooms for the resident’s safety and peacefulness, and a multitude of other contributions over the years.  Rtn. Margaret Hill manages this project.

Laughing club of Bondi Beach (local)

Laughter is necessary for our happiness, relationships and sanity.  So when we met Connie Costa, it was amazing to see how this joyful activity was being delivered to groups of people on a weekly basis.  We value Connie’s vital contribution to the community and enjoy her leadership and company as a fellow member of our club.

Friends of Sole Parents (local)

Most of us have either experienced it or known people that have become sole parents.  The challenges of parenting scale up exponentially.  And this why we are so proud of Julie Foster’s work with establishing and then running the Friends of Sole Parents organization.  As our fellow member, Julie is able to give us updates on a frequent basis, and it clear that a major positive impact is being achieved that saves lives.

Circus Quircus (local)

We put on a circus each year for 2000+ underprivileged children and their parents/carers.  To hear them laughing when the clowns act up is beautiful to hear.  It tells you right away that all the efforts in making this possible are totally worth it.

Drought Relief (local)

We have collaborated our community, raising funds to help with the drought relief 2018.  The Nelson Hotel in Bondi Junction raised $3,000 for the Burrumbuttock Hay Runners which is being coordinated by our sister club, the Rotary Club of Sydney.  And the Eastern Suburbs Legion Club raised $2,500 which we dedicated to drought relief projects coordinated by the Rotary Club of COBAR.

National Youth Science Forum (local; NYSF)

It gives you faith in the future when you hear about or meet the real high performers.  They’re not only smart but they are also good, respectful young men and women.  In our experience one of the great values of NYSF is that these 11th graders get to experience advance technology and/or scientific laboratories, and meet leaders in various fields, thus gaining clearer insight into their future career and/purpose.  Secretary Stu Fraser manages this vital project, that sends student delegates from our local school to NYSF each year.

Project for the Blind (International/Chile)

The Project for the Blind of Chile, South America began as the result of the terrible earthquake of 2012, where there were 50+ hospitals and 50+ schools that were destroyed, including an estimated 30 billion USD in damage across Chile.  The blind people were particularly hit during this catastrophic event on the Ring of Fire.  Engaging with Rotary Clubs and other community organization in Chile, we have sent 12 fully laden shipping container, and a multitude of smaller shipments since that time.

Rotary International FOUNDATION (local & international)

We support the great humanitarian work of Rotary International’s FOUNDATION (TRF) on a yearly basis.  The funds that are donated to TRF are used and after 3 years funds are returned to our own District for community projects in our local communities.  Services: Promoting peace; Fighting disease; Providing clean water; Saving mothers and children; Supporting education; Growing local economies.

CITY2SURF Hyde Park Information Officers; 50+ volunteers (local)

The largest charity fun run in the world with upwards of 80,000+ runner/walker/participants, is a true showcase of the beauty that in Sydney Australia.  Everyone in Sydney has their own story to tell when it comes to this event.  Our involvement is that of providing volunteers, including Rotary course marshals and more recently Hyde Park Information Officers.  Over all  our involvement recruits over 100+ volunteers, whom make the even safer and more cohesive with the community at large.